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    Entrepreneur's Hotsheet - The 2 Reasons People Buy
    [Posted Tuesday, November 15, 2005]

    The Entrepreneur's Hotsheet - Nov 15, 2005
    The Leading Entrepreneurial Hotsheet
    ISSN 1447-0217

    REVEALED in the next edition of The Great Ideas Letter (out tomorrow!)
    How selling a childhood toy brings one guy $200,000 a year, a way
    to make money from the wind ... and more!:
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    publisher or editor.

    In this issue:

    1: Words of Wisdom
    2: Interesting Discussion Board Posts
    3: Resources for Entrepreneurs
    4: Articles to Make You Think
    5: Best of the Blogs
    6: Blast from the Past
    7: SEND IT ON!

    Words of Wisdom

    "If you're attacking your market from multiple positions and your
    competition isn't, you have all the advantage and it will show up
    in your increased success and income." - Jay Abraham

    This week's quote comes from Writer's Friend V2.
    Get your own personal copy of this great software today.
    Discussion Board Posts

    - The following links go to the Best Posts from a variety of business
    and marketing forums...

    The Amazing New Tracking Tool For Online Marketers... And It's F R E E:
    Start A "Downtown Gift Gard" Biz:
    Having Trouble Doing What You Know You Need To Do To Succeed?
    Perhaps You Suffer From "Hummingbirditus":
    What People Love About Network Marketing and M L Ms (thread):
    How To Use Forums To Market:
    People Only Buy For 2 Reasons (post by JP Maroney):
    Exactly How Much One Guy's Sales Increased By Using Voice
    In eBay Auctions (Would Probably Work For Web Sites Too):
    How A Jiffy Print Store Owner TRIPLED His Biz With A Pizza Box JV:
    Why Radio Can And Cannot Be A Profitable Means To Advertise:
    The "Business" Of Network Marketing (interesting concept. Also read the
    long thread if you have time as it has some good points):
    6 Questions To Ask Yourself Of Any Business Opportunity:
    How Getting A Broker's License Could Help Your Real Estate Investing:
    Resources For Entrepreneurs

    THE 10 Million Strong Market And The Product To Sell Them:
    DISCOVER How To Use A Few Spare Bucks To Start Any Business You
    Want Or Expand Your Current Business, With Little Risk:
    MAKE Moolah Buying And Selling Items From Storage Auctions!:
    BANISH Procrastination Forever - Through The Secret Technique Used By
    The Pros - Now Revealed In This Report:
    HOW To Start & Run An Internet Business:

    8 Ways To Find Out Information About Your Competitors:
    Success Demands A Plan for the Future (A Case Study):

    When It Comes To Business Competition, Think British Open Golf
    (interesting way to look at competition in the business world):
    20 Reasons To Love Peter Drucker:
    Blast From The Past

    How A 14 Yr Old Girl M a k e s $500++ a Month After School:

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